Everything around us is constantly changing. The Frontier Project is a push to give Britain’s youth the opportunity to be part of large projects that help spread knowledge throughout an evolving world.
MATHSTROID is a space adventure game giving our pilots the heroic task of defending our precious Earth from annihilation! Blast those space rocks into oblivion and save the world from the bombardment of asteroids using your quick wit and your knowledge of the mathematic operations!


The O&U Tuition Centre is an innovative new centre for academic support. We have seen the amazing potential that all children have. Therefore we have designed this creative new innovative service to deliver the best possible support for our students.
O&U Learn is an intuitive modern education platform that provides a high quality learning resource for a multitude of topics and subjects. The resource videos and app are beautifully presented utilising dynamically animated visuals to emphasise the topics.
We build professional and stunning looking websites, graphics, sound design, software and apps, interactive presentations, videos and animations. With O&U Design, we bring your vision into life with our designs.